The 10 Best Range Bags For Handguns/Pistols at the Shooting Range: 2018 Reviews


Range bags have become extremely popular over the last 20 years.  They have been used extensively for IPSC and IDPA competition shooters. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t beneficial to casual shooters as well. Range bags provide the best in storage, transportation, and organization for one or more handguns as well as all of your shooting accessories.

Why not use just any old duffel bag? This boils down to the fact that shooting range bags are specifically designed for the shooting range. They are actually made to carry your firearms, ammunition, spotting scope, shooting glasses, hearing protection, and anything else you bring to the range with you. Instead of digging through a disorganized mess when you reach your shooting station, all of your gear is neatly separated by padded interior dividers as well as external and interior pockets. A range bag simply makes things easier and more enjoyable.

Understand, though, that not all shooting range bags are created equally. You’re usually much better off selecting a range bag from a reputable and established company. Here are 10 of our favorites  of the best value range bags for taking your favorite handguns to the shooting range.

The Best Handgun Range Bags:

Below we take a look at some of our favorites.  We dive in with several top end manufacturers including GunMate, BLACKHAWK!, Bulldog, Smith & Wesson and more.  Many of these companies cut their teeth in other firearms products, which means that’s typically a good sign when it comes to picking the proper shooting accessories.

If you feel like there’s something we missed or if you have a particular range bag that you feel extremely passionate about, please drop us a line in the comments section so we can check it out.  We are consistently evaluating and revamping our guides based on reader feedback.

1. Osage River Tactical Range Bag

Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag (Black, Standard...
  • √ SPACIOUS: Multiple compartments give you ample...
  • √ DURABLE: Constructed of 600D ballistic nylon...
  • √ PERFECT RANGE BAG: The Osage River Shooting...
  • √ LIFETIME WARRANTY. If for whatever reason you...

The Osage River tactical bag gets the nod from us as the best all around range bag for the money.  The Osage River is hard to beat, consiering it’s constructed of 600D ballistic Nylon.  It also has enough storage room for several pistols, like your trusty 9mm.

It comes in two different sizes – Light Duty and Standard.  We’d recommend going with the standard size if you are someone that has several firearms and think you will need the space.  Picking a range bag is a lot like a gun safe.  We recommend that you pick the size that you think you will grow into so that way you aren’t limited if you have aspirations of amassing plenty of firearms.

The big draw to the Osage River outside of the cost is the lifetime warranty that they offer.  If your bag is defective or doesn’t give you the space you need, they will refund your entire purchase.

It has a large dividable main compartment and it has a total of nine different storage compartments.  It also has two removable pistol pouches that will help allow for maximum versatility depending on the firearms you bring with you to the range.

2. GunMate Pistol Range Bag

Gunmate 1919687 Range Bag
  • Main compartment covered by roll up flap with...
  • Side compartments include padded pistol rug
  • Main compartment has removable hook and loop...
  • Lockable, zippered side compartments each hold a...
  • Measures 16" W x 8" H x 7" D

Nothing flashy, but it gets the job done. The 16’’ wide by 8’’ high by 7’’ deep GunMate Range Bag has a lot going for it. Simple and straightforward in design, the 2.5-pound (when empty) range bag provides enough room to fit two handguns and plenty of gear.

The interior of the GunMate Range Bag features plenty of padding as well as movable dividers. Roomy zippered side compartments are constructed to hold up to two full size handguns. Whatever other gear you have, from ammo to ear/eye protection, fits neatly and nicely inside. Eyelets on the zipper tabs for both the main and side compartments allow you to lock them to keep your gear even safer.

For such an affordable bag, the GunMate Range Bag is incredibly durable. Both the material that the bag is made out of and the zippers are tough. This isn’t a bag that is going to rip or otherwise break any time soon. The bottom of the bag is likewise study. One complaint with many range bags, is that the bags tend to sag. Not so with this product from GunMate.

But perhaps the bag’s most unique feature is its customizability. Two removable (Velcro) hook and loop dividers organize the inside of the bag. You can select the amount of interior sections that you want. This gives you a number of different options for sorting your shooting accessories.

3. Blackhawk Sportster Range Bag

BLACKHAWK! Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag
  • Dual-density foam with internal open-cell foam for...
  • Removable Gun rug pistol pouch with Internal soft...
  • Wraparound tactical web handles for superior...
  • Heavy seam binding with two rows of locked...
  • Multiple internal pockets for organizing magazines...

Blackhawk Inc. has grown from humble beginnings as an out-of-the-garage business to one of the world leaders in military, law enforcement, hunting, and shooting equipment and accessories. Founded by Navy SEAL Mike Noell in 1990, the company continues to refine and perfect all of their gear so it won’t let you down when you need it the most.

One of the most popular Blackhawk products for shooting range enthusiasts is their Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag. In fact, it has earned itself a reputation as one of the best range bags there is. Top-notch construction, an innovative design, and incredible durability are what you get when you go with the Blackhawk Sportster range bag.

Right out of the box, the Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe looks great and performs at the highest level. It starts with a simple design and builds from there. Numerous extra features make it one of the most innovative and ingenious range bags currently on the market. And unlike a lot of other range bags out there, the Sportster Deluxe is actually quite stylish. It is utilitarian when it comes to functionality but is professional and attractive when it comes to looks.

A few of the special features that make the Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe stand out include its large size (15’’ long, 11’’ high, 10’’ wide), meaning there is no shortage of storage space. The main compartment is divided up into two small and two large pockets.

Both of these have Velcro lids. There is enough room inside the bag to fit up to three handguns as well as your ammunition, magazines, safety glasses, hearing protection, and whatever else you take to the range with you.

Durability is also at the forefront of what the Sportster Deluxe brings to the table. It is engineered out of 600-denier polyester. The material was specifically selected for its ability to stand up to the wear and tear of the shooting range. If you’re looking for a professional, comfortable, and highly functional shooting range bag. The Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag is hard to beat.

4. 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag

5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag
  • This is a highly functional pistol range bag with...
  • This range bag has a drop-down front flap stores 8...
  • Another great feature of this range bag is its...
  • Integrated hydration storage keeps you fresh and...
  • Bag includes reinforced grab-and-go handles and a...

California-based 5.11 Tactical is one of the world’s leaders in military and law enforcement gear and equipment. They regularly reach out to both law enforcement/military personnel as well as gun enthusiasts for feedback on how they can improve their many products. The inclusion of this feedback into the overall design of their products means that they all reach a very high standard of quality and performance.

The 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag is no exception. The company took feedback from shooting range enthusiasts and put what they learned straight back into the bag. The finished product is a fully padded range bag made out of durable 600-denier polyester. It also comes with a removable ammo tote and brass bag.

It’s important to note that the 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag is a fairly large range bag. At 10’’ by 24’’ by 16’’, it is one of the larger range bags on the market. In fact, it might offer more room than the casual range shooter really needs.

However, this is a matter left up to personal preference. The extra room is definitely preferred by those that bring multiple handguns to the range as the bag fits up to four (two in the interior and two in the removable tote).

All in all, this is a well-made bag that offers more than enough room for storage. A number of exterior pockets and interior dividers make organization even easier. The well-padded shoulder strap is much more comfortable than most, making even a full load easy to transport. The 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag is an excellent choice for any shooter that wants a large and durable bag for the range.

5. Explorer Tactical Gun Range Bag

EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch Tan
  • Only authentic Explorer Tactical bags come with an...
  • Adjustable/Removable inner partitions to customize...
  • Includes 2 zipper handgun pouches exterior...
  • Seven magazine pouches in front compartment and...
  • Range Bag Exterior Dimensions 18" x 14" x 10",...

Large, padded, and functional, the Explorer Range Bag is one of the most popular choices around. It is one of the most talked about range bags on In fact, over 95% of its owners have rated it with a four star rating or higher on the website. This in itself makes it one of the most highly reviewed range bags that there is.

So what makes the Explorer Range Bag so great? Let’s start with its size. It’s a very large bag at 18’’ by 10’’ by 13’’. On top of this, it weights in at 4.5 pounds, a good deal heavier than most bags offered by Explorer’s competitors.

But the extra size and weight pay off. The size means there is plenty of room to stash two handguns and all of your equipment. The weight is due to the heavy-duty materials and reinforced construction, meaning this bag is beyond rugged.

The Explorer Range Bag is also lauded as one of the best-organized range bags there is. The interior is nicely divided to keep different aspects of your gear neat and organized. Two outside compartments further add to the amount of equipment the bag is able to carry. This is a great shooting range bag for those that demand the utmost in durability and functionality.

6. Blackhawk Sportster Range Bag

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag Black Nylon...
  • Made of Durable 600 Denier Polyester
  • Two Exterior Slash Pockets to Hold Mags and...
  • Self-Healing, Heavy-Duty, standard size Coil...
  • Wraparound Tactical Web Handles
  • Features MOLLE Webbing

Blackhawk Inc. does it yet again with their Blackhawk Sportster Pistol Range Bag. This bag is slightly smaller in size and simpler in design. At the same time, however, it is still large enough to hold two pistols as well as your ammunition, magazines, shooting glasses, and ear protection. That’s more than enough for most casual shooters that visit the shooting range on occasion.

This bag is very functional and it gets the job done. It is an economical option that doesn’t sacrifice performance or durability. Durable 600-denier polyester is used for the majority of the bag’s construction.

It features two zippered outer pockets. Each zipper is likewise durable and won’t break. There are two zippers on each pocket so you can lock them together if desired. Furthermore, the outer pockets are actually large enough to stash both of your handguns in.

Inside the bag, there are a number of padded dividers. They can be rearranged, or removed altogether, since Velcro attaches them to the bag. A removable hard nylon covered floor fits inside the bottom of the bag to keep things stable during transport.

It also serves to add an extra layer of durability to the bag as a whole. All in all, the Black Sportster Pistol Range Bag is very well made and can easily hold the guns, ammo, and gear you need for a great day at the range.  The brand is also well known and manufactures other quality items like holsters for a 1911.

7. Bulldog Cases Deluxe Range Bag

Bulldog Cases X-Large Deluxe Black Range Bag with Pistol Rug
  • Three outer pockets for extra storage
  • Deluxe padding and quality for extra protection
  • Dimensions 15 inch x 8 inch x 10 inch
  • Heavy-duty, durable nylon, water-resistant outer...
  • Extra Large main compartment with three hidden...

For over a decade, Bulldog Cases has been an industry leader in the manufacturer of innovative storage and carrying solutions for weapons of all types. One of their most popular products of all time is their Bulldog Cases Deluxe Range Bag.

Now, Bulldog Cases does things differently. They have a small and passionate team and focus only on storage and transport solutions. This allows them to create some of the highest quality gun bags around. The Deluxe Range Bag is no exception. Every detail of the bag is precise and was put there for a reason.

One of the things that immediately stand out about the Bulldog Cases Deluxe Range Bag is the number of pockets that it has. The exterior has three outer pockets to help you stash and protect your range equipment.

The inside of the bag is quite small compared to others but still holds one to two handguns as well as plenty of ammo for a great day at the shooting range. When it comes to range bags, bigger is not always better.

Additional features of the bag include its heavy-duty, durable nylon construction. The nylon is actually treated so that it is water-resistant. An inside pistol rug provides extra protection for your favorite handguns, whether they be a .22 caliber pistol, 9mm or 45 ACP.

It also provides a sturdy bottom to the bag, making it easier to carry from one place to another. Simply put, the Bulldog Cases Deluxe Range Bag is the perfect range bag for shooters that want an economical option for carrying a single handgun plus gear and equipment.

8. Explorer Deluxe Tactical Range Bag

Explorer R1 Deluxe Tactical Padded Shooting Ammo Range...
  • Heavy-duty 1000Dx1000D CORDURA brand fabric nylon...
  • 10 pockets Multi Cam- multipurpose rang bag can be...
  • Measures 16"x 11" x10" Inch
  • Two Small Velcro Side Pockets Small Outter Velcro...
  • This bag is soft yet durable enough to keep range,...

Yet another great quality shooting range bag from the folks at Explorer, the Deluxe Tactical Range Master Gear Bag tends to be overlooked by many shooters. But this does nothing to diminish its quality construction and high performance. It is one of the best bags that the company makes.

The Explorer Deluxe Tactical Range Master Gear Bag looks different than many other range bags. It is almost designed in the style of a camera bag. Furthermore, the 1000 D heavy-duty ballistic nylon is army green in color rather than the standard black. This helps give the product a dose of personality that many other range bags lack.

You access the interior main compartment of the bag through a roll-up, double-zippered flap with a hook and loop closure. The system is easy and efficient to use making for fast access to your gear inside. The main compartment is about 12’’ by 9’’ by 9.5’’. The Deluxe Tactical Range Master is not Explorer’s largest offering, but it is more than big enough for the range.

Another neat thing about this range bag is that it is designed with law enforcement and tactical operators in mind. This gives it a unique construction. In fact, it has over 14 padded and protected compartments for all your gear. Additional nylon-elastic magazine and gear loops in the main and outer compartments further serve to increase organization.

If you want a great quality range bag that sticks out form the crowd, then the Explorer Deluxe Tactical Range Master Gear Bag is for you.

9. Smith and Wesson M&P Pro Tac

M&P by Smith & Wesson Pro Tac Double Handgun Case Padded...
  • BE PREPARED: Featuring 3 double pistol mag pockets...
  • PORTABLE: With internal dimensions at 14" x 6" and...
  • DURABLE: Constructed from a durable ballistic...
  • EASE OF ACCESS: A full length, oversized double...
  • VERSATILITY: Each internal pocket is prepared to...

Smith and Wesson is one of the most well respected names in the firearms industry. Serious shooters as well as law enforcement personnel worldwide revere their products. The Smith and Wesson M&P Double Tac Handgun Range Bag was to meet the needs of both serious shooters and law enforcement officials.

It goes without saying that this product is tough. Designed with input from serious shooters, the military, and the law enforcement, you can depend on this bag each time you visit the shooting range. It uses highly durable ballistic fabric for most of its construction, ensuring the bag’s ability to withstand even the heaviest use.

But a sturdy and durable range bag is nothing if it isn’t large and organized. The Smith and Wesson M&P Pro Tac Range Bag does both of these things. It is plenty big enough to hold all your two favorite pistols and accessories to tag along with it, making it a clean and efficient option for minimalists that only want to bring one or two pistols to the range.

There is room to fit two handguns as well as your ear protection, eye protection, magazines, and a few boxes of ammo. Internal dividers and external side pockets serve to keep everything need and tidy, so you can find what you need without too much digging around.

Fans of Smith and Wesson will absolutely love the Pro Tac, especially for quality that comes with the brand name. It is a high quality bag with enough room for everything you need for an enjoyable day at the shooting range. Plus, it always you to represent your love for one of your favorite companies at the same time.

10. NC Star Competition Range Bag

Nc Star Competition Range Bag, Brown/Tan
  • Heavy duty metal zipper tabs
  • Side beverage pocket
  • Wide padded shoulder strap
  • Competition Range

The NC Star Molle Competition range bag is another solid option that’s both reliable and budget friendly.  The bag is 18x11x12 and primarily meant to carry two pistols with tons of space in the middle to stack your shooting goggles, shooting glasses and other accessories.

The external pouches can easily carry ammunition or other shooting related items and help make this a perfect bag for an afternoon at the shooting range.  You should keep in mind that this is a pretty big bag, so if you are looking for something a little more compact, this might not be your best choice.

For the cost, the NCstar competition bag gives you a ton of space for the money and should be something you consider if you are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality.  We can see the case for picking a different bag if lugging something a little bigger around puts you off, but the bag is extremely durable and meant to withstand plenty of abuse.

Picking the Best Range Bag

As you can see, there are a lot of great range bags out there. The ones discussed above, while our favorites in terms of quality and overall value, are only the tip of the iceberg.

If we had to narrow down our top picks, below are what we’d choose based on overall value.

Best Overall Pick:  Osage River Range Bag

Best Budget Pick:  Gunmate Range Bag

The key to selecting the best one for you is to access your personal needs. How often do you visit the range? How many handguns do you bring? How much ammo, equipment, and gear do you take along with you?

Considering all of these things will help you narrow down your search for the best shooting range bag for your individual needs and preferences.

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