Best Rifle Cases For Your Guns: Hard & Soft Shell Cases For Tactical & Hunting Firearms

Carrying your hunting or tactical rifle can go one or two different ways. First off, you will more than likely carry it with a sling when operating. But when the rifle is out of action, you still need a safe way to carry it from location to location.

Picking the right case will also depend on how you use it.  Are you just taking it with you to the shooting range?  Will you be using it to travel on an airplane?  You’ll need to answer these questions before you start to narrow down what the best rifle case is for your planned utilization.

Rifle cases are designed to provide a safe method to transport your rifle, shotgun, and any optics attached.

Having the right case makes sure your rifles are safe in two different ways:

One: With the locked away in a soft or hard shell case, no unauthorized users have the ability to access it. This allows you to keep the weapon under control when it’s not directly in your control.

Two: When traveling, your rifle may be subjected to bumps, bangs, and scratches. This is especially true for long guns equipped with optics.  A proper case will limit the abuse your rifle takes, prolonging its life.

Chances are that you already know you need a proper rifle case.  It doesn’t matter if you only have a 10/22 that you use for occasionally shooting cans outdoors or are a true AR-15 aficionado, you’ll likely want the same protection for your rifle.  There are plenty of different options from single rifle cases to double rifle cases.  What you choose will ultimately depend on your needs, but we will look at a few of our favorites that are on the market today and why they make sense for shooters of any background.

Top Single & Double Rifle Cases:

Voodoo Tactical Soft Shell Rifle BagDoubleSoft
Condor Single Rifle Case/BagSingleSoft
Condor Double Rifle Case/BagDoubleSoft
Uncle Mike's Tactical Rifle BagSingleSoft
VISM by NcStar Rifle BagDoubleSoft
Plano Gun Guard Hard Shell CaseSingleHard
Plano 42 in. Weatherproof Rifle CaseSingleHard
Plano Wheeled Double Scoped CaseDoubleHard
Plano All Weather 36 in. Rifle CaseSingleHard
Case Club Premade AR 15 CaseSingleHard

Now that you’ve seen the comparisons of our top 5 favorites, let’s dive in and look at the features of each.

There are a number of options depending on your budget and intended use, but most of these bags should be pretty universal and allow you plenty of flexibility, even if you are only planning shooting range trips once per month.

Next we are going to break down the cases into two categories, soft shell and hard shell.  Usually people traveling longer distances including via plane will need a hard shell case.  Soft shell cases are great for local travel when you need something that’s lightweight and easy to transport to the shooting range or local hunting trip.

Let’s look at our 5 favorite Soft Shell Cases.

The Best Soft Shell Cases for Tactical and Hunting Rifles:

Soft Shell cases are great for basic transport and weigh a lot less than the hard shell cases.  These cases are often times better for the average shooter than having a full blown hard case.  The pliability allows the cases to be angled to fit in your car and allow for more flexibility for storage.

Soft shell cases are great for both tactical and hunting rifles.  If you are heading somewhere that you don’t expect your rifle to take more than a car ride’s level of abuse, then a soft shell case is perfect for you.  They also typically cost a little bit less than a hard shell case and offer more space for ammunition, magazines and other accessories.

Let’s take a look at five of our favorites.

1. Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case:

VooDoo Tactical Soft Shell Rifle BagThe Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapons case is a modern option with a few different ways to carry it and your rifles. Designed for modern rifles, the Voodoo Tactical case is a designed to carry two long guns.

The length limit is 36, 42, or 46 inches. The 36 inch models are more designed for modern tactical rifles, and the larger packs are for larger hunting rifles, like a scoped Mosin Nagant. The Voodoo Tactical case has a padded divider between both sides of the case to separate the different rifles.

This divider protects rifles or shotguns from bumping and marring each other while being carried. This is also excellent for protecting optics as well, and keeping that finish fresh.

There is also a set of tie downs inside the case that keeps your guns from moving around while being carried. The case itself is designed to be carried in a few different ways. There is the standard suitcase carry, and the more dynamic backpack carry.

Backpack carry is exactly as it sounds. Two shoulder straps are present with an optional chest strap for more comfortable long term carry. The Voodoo Tactical rifle case is perfect for 3 gun matches where you are moving up down the range.

This up and down the range could easily work out to a couple of miles. The addition of backpack straps makes carrying this case, loaded with guns and ammo, a breeze. The case is outfitted to carry 6 rifle magazines and 8 pistol magazines, as well as a few boxes of extra shotgun ammo.

The outside of the bag is also outfitted with MOLLE straps to allow the expansion of the bag for extra ammunition, cleaning gear, etc. The bag is made from rugged ballistic cloth and is available in 9 different colors.  Voodoo also makes some killer range bags that are perfect for handguns.


2. Condor Single Rifle Case:

Condor Single Rifle CaseSimplistic, affordable, and effective are the best ways to describe the Condor Single Rifle Case. Condor is well known for making affordable gear that is reliable and simple. It may not be fancy or high tech, but it works.

The Condor Single rifle case comes in both 36 and 42 inch variants. You can hold almost any rifle in its main compartment. Inside the case you have a series of hook and loop straps to protect and keep the rifle from moving during travel.

The inside of the main compartment is heavily padded and will protect your rifle and optics very well. With the combined straps and padding your rifle is very well protected against being dropped or bumped.

The Condor rifle case is available in three different colors, black, tan, and green. It’s made from ballistic cloth that is water and dirt resistant. The Condor rifle case is outfitted with a total of four different extra pouches.

The four pouches are easily divided by into different categories. One is large, one medium sized, and two small. The largest pouch is 26 inches wide and is perfect for a variety of purposes.

The 26-inch pouch is perfect for storing pistol caliber carbines like the Scorpion or MPX, as well as AR 15 and AK pistols. You could also store a soft armor vest, or a chest rig. This 26-inch-wide pouch is extremely handy and can turn a single gun pouch into a two-gun pouch.

The medium and small pouches are perfect for carrying extra ammunition, magazines, accessories, and even handguns. The Condor Single rifle bag is a lot more than a simple rifle case.


3. Condor Double Rifle Case:

Condor Double Rifle CaseIf the Condor Single rifle case isn’t enough for you, the Condor double rifle case is a great option to go with. It offers extra space for a variety of different gear and equipment.

The Condor Double Rifle case has the option to hold two rifles that are 36 inches and shorter or 42 inches and shorter. This allows you to carry compact rifles like the SCAR 16s, and much longer and stronger rifles like DPMS AR 10 rifles.

The Condor double rifle case has a divider to keep the rifles from bumping and grinding together. For a three-gun competitor this bag could easily carry their entire 3-gun arsenal in this bag. The bag can easily handle a basic AR 15, a nice shotgun, and a handgun.

Toss in the extra magazines, ammunition, and accessories needed to compete and the bag is an all in one rig. The Condor double rifle case is outfitted with a standard suitcase handle as well as a more efficient backpack style system.

These backpack straps make carrying two long guns, a handgun, ammo, and accessories easy and efficient. It’s also a lot better than carrying such a heavy loadout by a suitcase strap. The Condor Double rifle tactical case does have the same 26-inch pouch and two small, and 1 medium pouch.

It is perfectly suited for light and short, and heavy and long weapons.


4. Uncle Mike’s Tactical Rifle Assault Case:

Uncle Mike Tactical Rifle CaseUncle Mike’s is a well-known American company that is known for producing quality gear at every budget. Uncle Mike’s also make just about every piece of gear you can imagine when it comes to guns and tactical gear.

Their Tactical Rifle Assault case is a thoroughly modern design that is explicitly for modern sporting or modern defensive rifles. If you are a police officer looking for an effective way to protect your duty rifle this is the case to go with.

The Tactical Rifle case is made from 600D polyester, a material that is strong, durable, and capable of resisting water. The Tactical rifle assault case has 2 inches of foam padding that protects your rifle very well.

The bag comes in two variations, one is 36 inches long and the other is 43 inches long. Its short enough to be stored easily, or long enough to fit rifles like the M1 Garand without issue. It’s a lightweight piece of gear, that maintains its quality.

The design incorporates three exterior pouches for storing extra ammunition, magazines, or even being more creative you could store a complete medical kit in the largest medium pouch. The Tactical Rifle Assault case even features an interior handgun pocket.

This little handgun pocket keeps a loaded handgun stored safely with the trigger protected and guarded. The Tactical Rifle Assault case is the go to case for shooters dealing in tactical applications.


5. VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Rifle Case:

VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Rifle CaseNcStar is a newer manufacturer in the tactical range bag scene.  They produce several models size wise, with their 42 inch bag being one of the most popular.  The padding is thick enough to prevent most accidental damage from basic transport.

The VISM Double Carbine case will hold two rifles, and the 42 inches gives plenty of length if you have rifles that are slightly longer than a standard 10/22 or .308 hunting rifle.  There are two handgun pouches that will easily contain two handguns on top of two long rifles.

The front pouches will easily contain ammunition for a trip to the range.  There is a larger pocket on the back of the bag that will carry several accessories or even additional rifle accessories.

Overall, the VISM Double Carbine case is a fantastic case if you are looking for something that’s light and easy to use when heading out to the shooting range.


The Top 5 Hard Shell Cases:

If you travel by plane frequently, a hard shell case is an absolute must.  Soft shell bags may leave your rifles in a position to be subjected to dings and scrapes that may impact the functionality of the rifle.

Soft shell bags are great for local range trips and local hunting trips, but heavy duty travelers will be better off getting a hard shell case that locks.

Hard shell cases are great for tactical and even military grade firearms that need to be entirely secure at all times.

Let’s look at our five favorite hard shell rifle cases.

1. Plano Gun Guard:

Gun Guard Hard Shell Rifle CaseThe Plano Gun guard is designed to stand up to all forms of weather, including rain. It’s not just water resistant it’s water proof. The Plano Gun Guard uses a Dri-Loc seal to make sure water keeps out.

The interior is filled with foam that can be easily cut to accommodate a variety of different rifles. The maximum size of a rifle is 42 inches with this case. You can also fit multiple rifles, at least two AR 15 style rifles.

The Plano Gun Guard is a hard sided container that has the ability to also lock. This makes it one of the few on our list that meets the FAA guidelines for traveling with a rifle. The Plano Gun Guard has five different latches, some with locks.

The Plano case also has two locking ports on the front of the case. This is perfect for keeping near anyone out of your rifle case. The Plano Gun Guard is an excellent choice for long term storage and air transportation.


2. Plano Molding All Weather Tactical Gun Case (42 inches):

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun CaseThe Plano Molding All Weather Tactical Gun Case is a top option for a single rifle hard shell case.  It’s completely waterproof due to the Dri-Loc seal.  This helps keep your rifles locked away from the elements in an air locked case that’s even equipped with a pressure relief valve.

You can customize the foam padding inserts making this a great option for a rifle that may be equipped with multiple accessories, like an AR-15.  This will allow for proper padding and cushioning of bulkier rifles that may not fit perfectly in a case meant for multiple rifles.

The padding helps keep your rifle secure during airline travel, making this case a fantastic option for people that expect to see their rifle case get tossed around while they move from location to location.

Plano is one of the best in the business when it comes to hard shell rifle cases, and the All Weather Tactical gun case is no different.


3. Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case with Wheels (51 inches):

Plano Double Rifle CaseThe Plano Double Scoped Rifle case with wheels is a hard shelled case that’s been specifically designed to accommodate two long rifles.  The interior has a thick foam padding that you can cut away and customize to your liking.  This will somewhat limit it to the firearms you want to carry as the foam isn’t replaceable, but it’s large enough that it will definitely accommodate two fully scoped rifles with ease.

It’s actually a perfect case for an AR-15 outfitted with proper optics and paired with an equally powerful hunting rifle.

The case also comes equipped with wheels, making it a great travel companion as you take it through airports.  It’s also FAA approved for travel, making it ideal if you need to travel with more than one accessorized rifle.

The extra space on the inside of the rifle case also allows for it to be plucked and customized for other accessories like magazines, optics or anything else you might need for a trip to the shooting range or on a hunting expedition.


4. Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case (36 inches):

36 inch Tactical Rifle Case PlanoLooking for a gun case that travels lighter than the 42 inch version?  The 36 inversion of the Plano All Weather gun case will fit the bill quite nicely.  If you are looking for a smaller case to carry your rifles, the 36 inch will still fit most tactical rifles and hunting rifles with accesories.

If you don’t need to carry too many rifle accessories, it can also fit a handgun in addition to the rifle quite nicely.

The 36 inch case is slightly more compact, which provides an excellent amount of support for rugged travel duties.  Similar to the other Plano cases, the foam is “pluckable” and allows for customization of the rifles you need to transport so they fit snugly and prevent them from damage.

The 36 inch case is also waterproof, weatherproof and is airtight which makes it perfect for any travel condition.


5. Case Club Premade AR-15 Case:

Case Club Tactical AR 15 Rifle Hard Shell CasePlano doesn’t hold a monopoly on all the good Tactical cases.  Case Club has a case that’s specifically designed to fit an AR-15, with or without optics.  It makes this a great choice for a tactical rifle, and has quite a few space compartments you can customize for a pistol, or AR-15 accessories like a holographic sight.

The Case Club Tactical case is made for one rifle only, so the Plano dual rifle case is a better choice if you plan to travel with multiple rifles.

This particular case leaves plenty of room for optics, magazines, and other tactical rifle accessories.  It is also FAA approved to be utilized with airline travel.  The case is also waterproof and dustproof in order to keep your rifle not only protected from the burdens of travel, but also from the elements.

The foam areas allow for fitment of 10, 20, or 30 round magazines (make sure you check to see what’s legal in your state).  There are also locking holes on the case itself that allow it to be locked for transport.

While this case is higher quality and considered “premium” – it’s an excellent choice if you are a serious firearms enthusiast.


Parting Shots:

A rifle case is a must have piece of gear for traveling and when using public ranges. The rifle cases listed above provide a protective shield from the world, and keep sneaky fingers from touching your rifles.

The tactical rifle cases listed above provide an awesome level of protection for your long guns. They also provide a tons of extra space to hold multiple firearms, magazines, ammunition, as well as the protection you need when traveling with your guns.

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