We firmly believe in the United States constitution.  We also believe that guns are a whole lot of fun when used safely.  There are many people that do not share this opinion which is why we started this site.  Our goal is to shed light on the fact that it’s not the gun, but uneducated firearms owners that make guns dangerous.

Below is a list of folks on the web that we think very highly of and spend our off time reading their sites.  All of the sites below offer unique opinions in the world of firearms.  Firearms and Survival go hand in hand, so we’ve also listed some of our favorite Survival reading resources below for your reading pleasure.

 The War On Guns:  David Codrea runs TWOG and is an extremely well respected author and firearms pioneer.  David has been published in numerous gun publications and TWOG is one of the first sites Jack started following when he first got into firearms.

Project Child Safe:  Project Child Safe is a non-profit organization that provides free locks for gun owners that may not necessarily be able to afford them.  They sponsor different education events and have a wealth of infographics on gun safety.  We will be dedicating a portion of our marketing budget to buying locks on a yearly basis.  Every dollar counts and we encourage you to donate if you can to keep guns locked up safely as intended.

Guns and Shooting Online: is one of the oldest shooting resources on the web.  Most of their articles ring true today and are great resources no matter what firearm you are taking with you hunting or to the range.

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