Our Review of the IDENTILOCK Gun Lock (fast access and safe storage)

The safe storage of our weapons has to be one of our primary concerns. Having a gun lock simply makes sense. We recognize that these tools are, in the wrong hands, catastrophically dangerous. We also recognize that we have both a right and a responsibility to protect everyone with those tools.

Thus, we run into a common problem among responsible gun owners: how do we maintain quick and safe gun access for ourselves while also protecting our homes? What if a gun lock prevents me from getting access in time?

Locked or Unlocked? 

Erring on the side of fast access, some of us choose to keep loaded and unlocked firearms hidden in a convenient spot such as a bedside table. This is fast in terms of access, but potentially dangerous and leads to far too many accidental shootings every year. On the safest end, we can keep our firearms locked in safes. But, when seconds matter, fiddling with a key or combination lock—likely in the dark and under stress—does not seem sensible. There has to be some intelligent middle ground to address both access and safety concerns, right?

If we store our firearms unlocked, loaded, and unsecured, there are several risks. First, a child or some other person could unintentionally shoot themselves or someone else.

The other solution, to lock up our firearms in safes, means that, if faced with a home invasion, accessing your firearm wastes precious seconds. This may well cost you, or your family, dearly. What if there was a sensible solution that took advantage of modern technology to keep us safe, but allows quick access to our firearms?

Identilock Gun Lock

That’s what Identilock founder, Omer Kiyani, wondered. As an automotive engineer, Omer realizes that safety and speed can exist in the same space. Cars are dangerous, and we expect seatbelts and airbags to work instantly to reduce that danger. We have a right to be safe, both on the road and in our homes.

That is where Omer—a parent, engineer, gunshot survivor, and activist,  comes to bear on this market with Identilock gun lock.

While this right to be safe, and to protect ourselves, is a fundamental one, it comes with responsibilities. We must store those guns safely while still maintaining the ability to defend ourselves immediately.

how identilock gun lock works

How Identilock Works

Identilock offers just such a solution for a variety of handguns. The product, a gun lock system about the size of a cell phone, prevents access to the trigger, thus preventing the firearm from discharge. It is also highly portable, meaning you can place or conceal it anywhere that you can fit your handgun. The gun lock is secure and tight on the frame of the firearm as well as the trigger guard, meaning that accidental access to the firearm would not mean access to the trigger, making safety a major highlight here.

When you find yourself needing firearm access, Identilock offers two solutions. First, there is a fingerprint lock that takes about one-third of a second to open. This is not long even in a stressful situation. Importantly, the fingerprint reader is placed in nearly the same location as the trigger if the gun lock were not in place. This means that your muscle memory should already know where to place your finger to unlock, then use, your handgun. Unlocking and deploying your firearm from Identilock can be worked into any home training routine with ease and a little bit of practice.

identilock fingerprint gun lock


Fingerprints are, of course, unique to every human being. That can be concerning if you want multiple people to access your firearm in an emergency. Identilock stores three fingerprints, allowing three people access to the firearm. This helps balance ease-of-access with safety, as the few people you want holding your gun can now access it. In this case, you and any responsible person could all have the means to defend themselves, while keeping the handgun safe.

Electronic Lock

The lock is electronic. This can be concerning for some people, and has been in the past with similar locking systems that use expensive and inconvenient batteries. With Identilock, the battery recharges with a standard mini-USB port, leaving you with one less thing to remember. The battery holds a charge for six months, and the lock that informs you when it needs to recharge.

The concern does remain with all electronic locks, however, that batteries die. That might leave you without access to your handgun at a critical moment. In this case, the lock system also includes physical keys, which you can keep separate but nearby, in case the batteries fail. This ensures that you will always have access should you need it.

This dual system, with both electronic and physical keys, combines the convenience of electronics with the security and surety of physical locks. The gun lock itself is a common sense, modern solution to the problem of storing a gun safely while also maintaining access when needed, by the people who need it.


In terms of capability, Identilock fits a wide range of firearms. Currently, the design can accommodate standard 1911 frames, standard Glock frames, Sig 226/229 models, and the M&P, Shield, and XD series’ from Smith and Wesson. Check their site for the most up to date list. The lock’s design ehances this compatibility: the Identilock interfaces mainly with the trigger guard. This means that any slide modifications should not be a problem, nor should triggers or extended magazines. This means that if you have an optic on your handgun, this is a smart locking system for you.

identilock gun lock models

Identilock Gun Lock Uses

When it comes to applications, you are only really limited by your imagination. One can easily think of replacing the unlocked drawer gun concept with this lock. Most of us would prefer having a fingerprint locked firearm in the bedside table than an unlocked firearm.

Second, since three different people can be added to the memory, thinking about staging the firearm in shared family spaces such as living rooms and kitchen now makes more sense, since unauthorized folks would be unable to use the firearm even if they did find it.  As long as you hide the key, only authorized users will have access to your firearm with Identilock gun lock. Depending on relevant state and local laws, this may also satisfy requirements for the storage of loaded firearms in vehicles, an attractive option for folks who cannot carry at work.

Let’s look back at those scenarios we started with, but this time with Identilock. If your handgun was in the lock, in your bedside table, .3 seconds would separate you from your firearm. No looking for keys, no fumbling with a safe. That buys you time to make the right decisions, and that is invaluable. If your child finds the firearm, nothing happens, and you get the opportunity to have a conversation about firearm safety. Clearly, Identilock gun lock makes a great deal of sense to responsible firearms owners.

Parting Shots

If you’re looking for a smart way to keep a handgun accessible, while also keeping it safe, try Identilock. They offer a 90-day trial period and have excellent customer service, with contact info and manuals on their website. This system strikes a balance between accessibility and safety while leaving neither to chance.

palmetto state armory 9mm pistol

Responsible firearms owners know that, in the right hands, well-armed self-defense can make all the difference in the world. Identilock gun lock lets you make that difference while preventing needless tragedies at home from an unsecured weapon. This product may well give you the peace of mind that we all look for in our firearms. Their customer reviews are stellar, and the company offers veteran, military, and LEO discounts.

Additionally, their blog contains tons of useful home defense information, including a free, recurring reminder to recharge your lock.  Consider Identilock if you want the latest in gun lock technology that will help you keep yourself, and your loved ones, able to defend themselves safely and intelligently. 


Levi Frenchak has years of firearms experience between sporting and responsible concealed carry applications. Levi is a member of multiple pro-second amendment organizations including USCCA, NRA, and just as importantly, his local range. Levi is continuing a legacy of support for our rights by working with his family to increase firearms education and awareness as the lead editor of GunBacker.

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