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Recently, we did an article on what we think are some of the best 9mm handguns on the market. The round, even though it has been around for a long time, is easily one of, if not the, premier handgun cartridge. It is for that reason that we recommend it for concealed carry. Read on the find the best Springfield XD accessories.

In looking to get a concealed carry 9mm handgun, one of the best on the market is the Springfield XD(M). For this one, we’re focusing on their competition model, which comes with a 5.25 inch barrel. That makes it a breeze to shoot, as it has a long sight radius. Additionally, there’s been weight taken out of a slide, and a rail is on the front in order for the mounting of accessories. While we don’t specifically mention a light here, as we try to make these lists tailored, you certainly could add one.

This list is meant to help you get started in carry in the Springfield XD. On the list, we focus on a few things. First, we want to get you a good holster in which to actually carry the XD. Second, we think that the ergonomics can be modified just a little bit in order to fit the preferences of induvial a little bit better. Finally, the addition of some slightly upgraded sights, as well as a cleaning kit, can help make the Springfield XD one of the greats on the 9mm market today. Really, the ability of manufacturers such as Springfield to put out factory-tuned competition guns at relatively affordable prices makes our ability to defend ourselves with fantastic tools that much easier. Now is a great time to being to get involved in 9mm. The round has been around (I apologize for that pun) for nearly a century, and with guns like the XD, we full well expect the space force to end up doing moon raids with 9mm pistols much like this one in another century.

1. Springfield Armory XD Gear Holster

Springfield XD Holster Accessory

When it comes to concealed carry, one of the first things that we think about is a holster. A good holster should retain the gun safely, help you draw quickly, and avoid accidentally exposing the firearm to anyone else. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, and they’re all worth thinking about.
One way to address your holster needs is to go straight to the source. IN this case, we recommend the Springfield Holster. It’s sold right alongside the XD itself, and is branded as XD gear. It is literally an OEM belt holster for the Springfield, so it stands to reason that you can expect it to check all of the boxes to be a good holster. This one is an outside the waistband option, so best suited for folks who intend to either open carry or use a cover garment such as a jacket.

2. Springfield Armory XD X-Tension Mag Sleeve

Springfield XD tension mag sleeve accessory

Another thing to consider when looking for a carry gun is, of course, ergonomics. We think that the Springfield XD has pretty good ergonomics out of the box, especially this M model that is meant for competition use. That said, sometimes a little fine tuning is necessary in order to get the gun to work great for you.
If you find yourself wanting for a little more grip at the bottom of the magazine, consider these Mag Sleeves from Springfield. They’re made to attach to the bottom of the magazine to give you a little more room to grip, if you have a hard time getting your pinky on the standard magazine butt plate in a way that you find comfortable. These are an affordable way to get a little ergonomic boost out of your gun with this Springfield XD accessory.

3. Hogue Springfield XD HandALL Hybrid Grip Sleeve

Springfield XD Hogue Grip

While we’re on the subject of ergonomics, it’s worth considering the overall grip as well. Again, we think that Springfield did a good job- they are on our top ten list after all. That said, polymer can get a little slick, especially in rainy, or worse, bloody conditions. You may want to do something that gives you a better chance of maintaining good hand position in a bad situation.

If such a bad situation arises, you may want to have something like the Hogue HandALL Hybrid Grip sleeve. This is basically the high-speed version of what old special forces types used to do to remedy their A1 handles on M16s. They used inner tubes from bicycles. You can do better than that with this made to measure Hogue rubberized grip that is not only comfortable, but grippy as well. It also adds just a little bit of girth to the Springfield XD’s grip, if that something you need in order to make the gun more comfortable for you.

4. Talon Springfield XD-S 9/40/45 Granulate 207G

Springfield XD Talon Grip Accessory

If you tried out the Hogue grips and still aren’t satisfied with the level of texture, you might want to try something else out. Now, the DIYer in me suggests skateboard grip tape, hot glue, and a razor knife. But, I have been told by others, that might not be the best way to modify a competition style pistol that costs a fair chunk of change. So, what else can we do to get some more grip on the Springfield XD?
Talon had about the same idea that I was working towards with the grip tape with this Springfield XD accessory, only they sell it in a pre-cut fashion that will actually look good on the gun when it’s finished. This adhesive grip is cut around all of the controls for the Springfield XD and installs in seconds assuming you’re careful. It’s a great way to add a ton of texture to the gun without adding any real weight or bulk whatsoever.

5. Trijicon HD Night Sights Springfield XD

Springfield XD night sight accessory

As a competition gun, the Springfield XD comes with pretty good sights right out of the box. There are, however, people looking to squeeze every once of performance that they possibly can out of their XD. To that end, sights a great start. One spot in which the sights on the Springfield XD might come up a little bit short is in terms of night fighting, which is a distinct possibility in the concealed carry realm.

One solution would be to replace the stock sights with this Trijicon HD set made for the shield, the perfect Springfield XD accessory. Trijicon really needs no introduction. They’ve been in the optics game forever, and they make excellent stuff. With that in mind, these night sights retain the three dot setup, with a bit of an upgrade. That upgrade is the inclusion of tritium, which will keep these sights glowing brightly in the dark for many years to come. Additionally, you don’t loose much speed with these when compared to the stock sights. If you need to make fast shots, all you really have to do is follow the green dot and put it on the desired target. For accurate shooting, you can take your time and line up all tree dots.

6. Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Magazine

Springfield XD 2.0 Mag Acessory

The model of Springfield XD accessory that we mentioned specifically in the referenced article is the full-sized M model. But, it’s important to keep in mind that the XD is actually a pretty wide series of handguns in varying sizes and calibers. For this one, we wanted to show some love to one of the smaller parts f the series, the Mod 2 subcompact.

The subcompact is an easily concealable model, so we expect some of our CCW friends to have picked one up by now. Of course, a gun needs magazines. These are the OEM magazines for the subcompact. They can fit 10 round of 9mm in a double stack configuration and come with a grip extension already attached. You don’t have to have the relatively large M model to appreciate that Springfield puts a lot of thought into the XD series and full well intends to give the Austrians a run for their market share.

7. ProMag Springfield XD

Springfield XD ProMag

While we’re on the subject of magazines, let’s go to the other end of the spectrum. Back in the M model, meant for competition, the standard magazines fit flush and we think would be just fine for concealed carry on a daily basis. It’s a full-sized handgun, sure, but lots of folks carry those on a daily basis anyway.
Now, in a competition, seconds matter. Know what takes seconds? Reloads. There is one way around such things, though. Promag makes a 32-round magazine for the Springfield XD. This one will fit just fine in the XD but might stick out of the bottom of the grip a little too much to make concealed carrying an option anymore. But, for competition, these might actually come in quite handy and is the perfect Springfield XD accessory. They might also be a good idea for tossing in a bag as a secondary mag if you already find yourself in a firefight.

8. Desantis Pocket-Tuk Springfield XD

Desantis Pro-Tuk Springfield Xd accessory

Returning for a moment to holsters for the XD, the one we recommended before, the OEM XD model, is a wonderful choice. It’s slick, made perfectly for the gun, and has both good retention and safety. The issue, though, is that it’s an outside the waistband holster. For a lot of us that is not really a good option for concealed carry, so we’re going to need to do something different.
This holster by Desantis is a good option for your Springfield XD accessory. Design wise, it’s simple. Basically it’s your standard inside the waistband holster that hooks on your belt and pivots enough to be pretty comfortable. In particular, we like the leather addition to the rim of the holster to keep from scratching up those nice Trijicon sights that we recommended. It’s a good leather holster that will keep your XD in the right place, and out of sight. Plus, at this price it’s worth adding to your holster drawer anyway. And yes, we know about that drawer. We have one too.


CCI Brass Ammo

The Springfield XD has its roots in competition. Competitions means training. Training means expending lots and lots of rounds. Now, most of us carry defensive hollow points for our defensive ammo. And we should: hollow points do more damage and penetrate less. The paper and steel targets at the range don’t need that kind of damage, and instead practicing a lot with expensive ammo merely penetrates the wallet.
Instead, for training purposes, we recommend CCI brass. This 9mm round is found at ranges all over the country and affords you an ammo that will get the job done so you can train without having to mortgage your soul. This is 147 grain FMJ, round nose bullets. Really standard stuff. And when it comes to training, standard is just fine by us. No need for high speed, heat seeking hollow points with depleted uranium cores when all you’re doing is putting rounds on paper.


Cleaning station springfield xd accessory

To round things out, we’d like to note just now nice the XD is. AS with any Springfield, you can tell that the people behind it actually care about what they’re doing. And, often, Springfield charges a pretty penny for that attention to detail. That said, we believe highly in taking care of that investment.
That in mind, we recommend the Real Avid Master Cleaning Station. Basically, this is a really nice gun mat that comes with a set of brushes and a patch puller. The kit can handle handguns from .22 to .45, including our 9mm here. We have a feeling that people who own an XD do not just own an XD, so you all might get more value out of a broader set of tools.

Parting Shots…

Looking at this list, you’ll notice that we don’t touch the internals of the XD whatsoever. That’s because we think that the folks at Springfield did a really good job and have made a reliable 9mm pistol that will serve you well at competitions or in self defense situations. Whatever you use it for, we think that a few little touches, such as a grip and a new magazine, perhaps a set of sights, will have you well set in order to concealed carry one f the finest 9m pistols on the market today.


Chris Frenchak has over 20 years of firearms experience between sporting and responsible concealed carry applications. Chris is a member of multiple pro-second amendment organizations including USCCA, NRA, and just as importantly, his local range. Chris is continuing a legacy of support for our rights by working with his family to increase firearms education and awareness as the lead editor of GunBacker.

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