The Best CZ 75 Accessories For Your Handgun

CZ 75 Accessories 

Recently, we did an article covering some of the best 9mm handguns on the market today. One of those was the CZ 75. Made in the Czech Republic, this firearm is an interesting one. Basically an updated version of the Browning Hi Power, which we also covered, the Czechs really took the design and aesthetics to the next level in this honestly beautiful firearm.

The all metal frame, of course, looks great. But within it, you’ll find a lot of great design and ergonomics that have made it a favorite of European police and military organizations for a few decades now. In this list, we’re putting together ten of the best accessorizes to incorporate this excellent 9mm pistol into your concealed carry lineup.  With just a couple of simple modifications this can become a competent carry pistol that stands up to any modern equivalent. With a few more, it becomes one of, if not the, slickest running competition pistol in 9mm on the market today.

Commander OWB Holster 

It does make some sense that if you plan to carry the CZ 75, that you should probably think about some means by which to actually do so. Choosing a carry holster is a deeply personal decision, but the fact that the CZ 75 is a full sized, all metal handgun, something some substance does seem to make some sense. To that end, we focused on a holster meant for outside the waistband carry with a cover garment, or perhaps for open carry if your locality allows.

This one is made by Versacarry. It’s an attractive leather model that, while it doesn’t have much in terms of retention, will protect the finish on your CZ 75 nicely. Additionally, this model can hold a magazine and keep it right next to your firearm in a static position, which we think is a great idea. Putting it on couldn’t be much simpler, all you have to do is thread it through your belt and you’re good. One note is that you’ll want to purchase a pretty stout belt as well, as an all metal framed 9mm with a magazine would droop most standard leather belts.

15 Round Magazine 

So, we just recommended a holster that has a spot for a second magazine. What if you don’t have one to put there? Well, we have a solution for you. CZ makes and sells factory magazines in a variety of formats. For daily carry, we recommend this one, a 15 rounder that will fit flush on full size CZ 75 models and makes the gun a comfortable, lightweight package that handles the recoil of 9mm very well thanks to a fairly substantial frame and slide.

With CZ, the aftermarket magazines can be a little iffy, so we do recommend getting OEM ones for this particular go around. Having a second factory magazine on hand is something that can bring peace of mind to a home defense or concealed carry environment.

Replacement Factory Magazine 

While you’re thinking about magazines, we have a bit of an idea. Carrying a second 15 rounder inside of a slot in the holster makes sense, sure. But, what if you ended up in a seriously hairy situation. For example, what if you had multiple home invaders at the same time? It does happen with some regularity in the US. Then, you might find 15 rounds just isn’t cutting it. For those kind of situations, check out the rest of the line of magazines that CZ makes.

The largest capacity they offer, 25 rounds, might be a little much for concealed carry. It is, however, more helpful as a secondary magazine kept in a drawer, bag, or vehicle. Also, since the CZ75 can be tuned into a darn fine competition pistol, having 25 round OEM magazines might be a fantastic idea for that environment as well: more rounds means less time lost to reloads.

CZ 75 Rubber Grips 

As we’ve mentioned a few times, the 75 is a seriously slick handgun. Perhaps, in some ways, too slick. Some people find the stock grips to be a little bit lacking it the texture department and worry about being able to draw and fire both quickly and accurately under duress. Those concerns can be addressed, though. Hogue makes new rubber grips for the 75. The black grips will not spoil the good looks of this 9mm pistol. Instead, these simply replace the factory grips with something very slightly bigger, with some texture. There are also finger grooves to ensure an immediate and positive grip on the firearm should you need to draw it in a hurry.  Generally speaking, Hogue makes excellent grips and we think that these are no exception. This is especially true if you’re planning on using this excellent pistol as either a self defense or a competition gun: a familiar and comfortable grip aids time and accuracy in both of those cases.

Tactical Grip Glove 

If adding a whole new grip is something, you’re not quite up to in terms of taking things off and on your CZ, or you just want to experiment a little bit without breaking out more than a portrait of Andrew Jackson, think about this tactical grip glove.

Basically, consider this the light version of the grip we just recommended. All you have to do, when everything is unloaded, of course, is slip this over the current magazine. You’ll get a little more texture and some finger grooves. That said, this may loosen and slip over time, but it’s a cheap and simple enough modification to be worth some interest. Especially if you’re a new gun owner, this kind of modification has its place as a way to step your way into bigger projects.

Three Piece Shoulder Holster 

I have a confession. I’m really into the aesthetic of the 1980’s. A big part of that were big metal wonder nines like the CZ 75, carried in big leather holsters. This one, a three piece shoulder holster set, is great way to relive some Miami Vice vibes, but is also actually a really good holster. Generally, shoulder holsters hook around your shoulders and to your waistband. They take some training, but eventually you can get a really slick cross body draw with one of these and they work great for either open carry or for concealed carry with a jacket.  This one offsets one major problem that these often have, being unbalanced in weight. It does this by having space for two magazines on the side opposite the gun. So, toss two extra magazines in there and this will be an exceptionally comfortable, and super cool holster setup.

CZ 75 Enhancement Kit

The CZ is already an exceptionally smooth pistol and that many love for its crisp trigger and reliability. That said, it can be tuned up just a little bit and turned into a world class pistol with ease. This kit, the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Kit does just that.

This kit comes with main springs, a hammer, a new sear, as well as the pins necessary to put it all together. The end result is pretty sweet. The CZ is a double action platform. That is to say, instead of relying on a manual safety, a somewhat heavy double action trigger pull is what sets off the first round, then there’s a much lighter single action trigger. This reduces the difference between the two substantially. That means you’ll have more consistent times and groups when starting in double action. Overall, a very worthwhile tune up to an already slick pistol.

Crimson Trace Green Laser

A few of the more modern takes on the CZ 75 come with a rail section on the bottom of the slide that allows for the attachment of a light or a laser. If you’re carrying a CZ, we’ll go ahead and assume you are a person of discerning tastes. As such, we doubt you’d put on a cheapo light of questionable quality. Instead, check out this excellent green laser for pistols.This one by Crimson Trace is meant to fit on everything from pistols to shotguns, so it ought to stand up to the recoil of 9mm just fine. Also, we think it’s smart to put the same accessories on a few guns so that you become familiar with them and can use them, for example, in the dark if you need to put a green laser on a target. This one was made as bright as the feds will allow, so please don’t point it at low flying aircraft. It can be set for momentary, strobe, or constant on usage, so you get to dial it in to get the most battery and effectiveness for you.

TruGlo Handgun Sights 

As with most service pistols the sites they come on the CZ-75 are themselves pretty basic. Really, they’re just a black front and rear sight that you line up. With a little bit of practice, however, these sites can be really slick and work quite well in a variety of situations. With that in mind though here we’re focusing on trying to make this 9 millimetre pistol the best carry gun that we possibly can. So we’re going to continue on the theme of sights with this option from Truglo.

These replace the stock, black sights with something that is much easier to pick up. Both the front and rear sights of this system have green fiber optics, so all you have to do to find your sight picture is line up the three green dots. That said, many recommend a front sight focus as opposed to a target focus for fast shooting. This is also exceptionally quick on these, as the front sight has an orange outline. Basically, these up the capability of your CZ as a night fighting weapon that would be a great add-on if you plan on carrying the CZ 75 for self or home defense.

Griffin 9mm Suppressor 

The CZ, in some of its configurations, comes with a threaded barrel. Also, 9mm comes in subsonic formats. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, that means it’s suppressor time.

If you want to make your CZ 75 into a great night fighting gun, pick one of the sighting systems that we have already recommended and add this awesome suppressor by Griffin.

There are a few things that we really like about this. First, it’s user serviceable for cleaning. This is a big deal in that it being user serviceable means you save a ton of money in shipping and paperwork fees in transferring it back and forth to a gunsmith to get taken apart and cleaned. Instead, this comes with a wrench, you just take it apart and clean the parts. While it’s apart, you’ll probably notice the second thing we really like about this suppressor: it’s customizable. In playing with different baffles, a booster, and front caps, you can ideal this in to your firearm and ammo. Lastly, it’s versatile: with both three lug and threaded adapters, this can go on a variety of guns, which gives you lots of bang for your buck. Well, less bang for your buck, it is a suppressor after all. So, less bang, which you want, for your buck.

Parting Shots…

As far as 9 millimetre pistols go the CZ 75 is truly one of the best available. It has a design heritage that goes back nearly a century as well as coming from a country with a history of excellent quality in small arms production. The Czechs have been making some of the finest small arms for several centuries.  In this list what we’ve tried to do is offer you some ideas to make this already great pistol function even better in its role as a concealed carry firearm . While it comes out of the factory as a slick, well handling pistol, a few common sense upgrades can go a long way. We recommend sights, some magazines, and a new grip at the very least. If you want to get fancy, we think it’s a good idea to add a spring kit and a serious holster in order to make the most out of this truly excellent metal wonder nine.  



Levi Frenchak has years of firearms experience between sporting and responsible concealed carry applications. Levi is a member of multiple pro-second amendment organizations including USCCA, NRA, and just as importantly, his local range. Levi is continuing a legacy of support for our rights by working with his family to increase firearms education and awareness as the lead editor of GunBacker.

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