The Best Ruger SR9 Accessories For Your Pistol

Ruger SR9 Accessories 

Recently, we posted an article covering what we think are some of the best 9mm pistols on the market today. Pretty high on that list is the Ruger SR9. It’s a polymer-framed semi automatic that is a pretty new entry from Ruger, an American manufacturer  that has been committed to quality for decades.

This particular handgun is a really sweet one. It’s well balanced, light, and basically designed for concealed carry, which is our major focus here. It has two safeties: one on the trigger, one on the frame, taking advantage of both 1911 and Glock styles. It’s also pretty affordable.

In this list we’re going to try to get you the kit you need to carry the Ruger SR9 every day.  This list doesn’t really change the fundamentals of the SR9 in a major way. We think it is an excellent handgun overall. A lot of the other pistols on the market are starting to show the age in their design. Trying to innovate too far, and you may stray away from reliability. Ruger strikes a really effective note somewhere in between. This is a reliable gun, shooting the very well established 9mm cartridge. It borrows the operating principles from the Glock, yet incorporates the manual safety of some of the older metal wonder nines. Add some of that good Ruger engineering, as well as the great Ruger price point, and you have a serious winner. This list, then, is really a list of suggestions to integrate this excellent pistol into your concealed carry routine. We’ll offer some basic options such as holsters that make the gun easier to carry. Then we’ll suggest some modifications, such as sights in order to help you shoot a little bit better. With the exception of a trigger modification, we’re not going to mess with the internals, as we want this to be a user friendly list that you can take advantage of without needing much in the way of tools or gunsmithing experience.

Promag 10 Round Magazine

The Ruger SR9 comes standard with 10 round single stack magazines that fit it perfectly. While these are a little hard to come by from time to time, Promag makes them as well. These are essentially the same as the OEM magazines, though usually a bit cheaper. These are made out of blued steel and fit flush with the bottom of the SR9, making them an ideal concealed carry magazine.

While we’re on the subject of both ergonomics and magazines, there’s something worth considering. In terms of concealed carry, the concealment aspect is of paramount importance. Most of the time, we want to avoid printing, and thus keep the standard, flush fit magazines in the gun most of the time. Ergonomics are one area where the Ruger SR9 is one of the best on the market, so we think that keeping the magazines relatively compact for this weapon makes a great deal of sense.

Ruger SR9 Trigger Connector 

One thing that people sometimes do not love about the SR9 is its somewhat stout trigger pull. While the idea is that a somewhat heavy trigger pull is a safety in and of itself, a lot of people like their handgun triggers to be nice and light. Especially if you plan on carrying in a good holster, the trigger isn’t likely to get pulled by accident. This, a trigger connector, helps to lighten the trigger. This is more of an advanced modification, so some input from a gunsmith and a little fitting might be required. But, what you’ll get out of it is a very light trigger pull, somewhere around five pounds, with a lot less travel than the stock trigger. Basically, this tightens up the trigger mechanism and gets rid of some slop, which will make the Ruger SR9 shoot a fair bit better. Specifically, a shorter trigger pull with less weight and slop makes follow up shots much easier, and keeps groups smaller since you’ll be less likely to push the gun around much if at all.

Safariland Holster

Speaking of a good holster, this one by Safariland is a great option. This line, their Pro Fit Holsters, are meant for outside the waistband carry of full size 9mm pistols and thus make a great companion to the Ruger SR9. Basically, it’s a kydex holster with an excellent retention system that allows you to get to the gun, but won’t allow anyone else access. The panel that goes over the belt and sits against your body is a little bit oversized, which is exactly what you want to distribute weight evenly and end up with a more comfortable carry experience.

Safariland makes some of the best holsters on the market. They’re expensive but well worth the money. Basically, if you pick up one of their holsters we doubt you’d end up using anything else. These are build to be extremely rugged, and would make a lot of sense if you plan on carrying the SR9 for duty use or in competition. As an outside the waistband holster, you’re going to want a cover garment if you want to carry concealed with this setup.

Muddy River Tactical IWB Holster

If outside the waistband carry isn’t something you can or want to do, then you’re going to need an inside the waistband holster. This one is a fairly simple design by Muddy River Tactical. Basically it’s a soft leather holster that you clip onto your belt. There’s no fancy retention system to mess with or anything like that. Normally that would bother us, but retention is much less of an issue with inside the waistband carry, especially in the appendix position. The tension of your belt against the holster is usually enough to keep the pistol where you want, so this system, overall, is a nice and simple way to carry the Ruger SR9 on a daily basis.  Holsters like these many not have all the  bells and whistles, but a simple holster is all that a lot of people need or want in order to safely arm themselves for personal protection.

Trijicon Orange Night Sight

The SR9c is a modern, well designed pistol that feels good in the hand and shoots generally pretty well for a handgun with a trigger safety. But, it’s not totally perfect, nor is any firearm. The sights are a little basic, of the tried and true blade and notch variety. With that said, there are some good upgrade options available to help make the SR9c work a little bit better for you. At least as far as we’re concerned, it’s vitally important to be able to get rounds on target both accurately and quickly should you need to.

In this case, we’re going with a set of sights by Trijicon, one of the best manufacturers in the business. These are tritium sights meant to get you on target quickly and keep you there. The front is a nice glowing setup with a massive orange ring around it that makes it easy to get a sight picture. The rear sights also glow and are serrated for better weapon handling and glint reduction. These are some of the best sights out there for the SR9.

Crimson Trace Rail Master

Some models of the Ruger SR9 come with a rail on the front of the slide. This can be really handy when we’re talking about sighting solutions. In this case, without making any permanent modifications to the gun, you can put this laser, by Crimson Trace, on that rail and have an extremely light, compact laser red dot. You can also pick it up in green, which is handy for people with certain eye conditions. We like these in that they fit ant 1913 rail, so you can mount the same one to many different firearms, which is handy in that the muscle memory will transfer from one firearm to the next.

Bulldog Pistol Vault

As a firearms owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that, when it’s not on your person, that your firearm is secure. But, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do so. We think that it’s smart to invest in something like this Bulldog pistol vault, especially if you’re like many people and are new to owning firearms. This is a no-nonsense but secure safe that can be opened with a combination or an override key if the AA batteries fail. It’s big enough for about two handguns, or a gun and some other valuables, and, of course, is pre-drilled for solidly mounting to a floor. A simple vault like this one is something that every gun owner should seriously consider having at home. Safes like this aren’t the most secure thing in the world, however, and only really work if you secure them to the floor. With that said, it’s certainly better than leaving the SR9 in a drawer, especially if you have kids or guests in your home or you have to leave your firearm unattended for any length of time.

Crimson Trace Laser

If you’re still thinking about sighting solutions, there is one more specifically made product that Crimson Trace makes for the Ruger SR9 series of pistols. Basically, this one is a similar laser to the one we’ve already recommended, but the housing is molded to fit nicely over the trigger guard of this specific platform. This makes it a little less chunky. We could see this being a great option if you’re worried about, for example, snagging your holster on a lip like the one created by mounting the other laser that we recommended. Otherwise, this is yet another great sighting option by Crimson Trace, so you know this product will be a good one.

Pelican Pistol Case

Ruger makes a really nice firearm, right here in the USA. With that said, it’s certainly worth a little bit of money and some of your time to do your best in order to keep that firearm nice so you can feel good about carrying it for years on end. If you need on-the-go pistol storage, nothing beats a Pelican case. These are rough and tough boxes that professionals of all kinds use to keep their gear secure. These have an extra additional use for the firearms community: they’re TSA compliant. That means that, assuming you fall all other laws and airline regulations, this can be the pistol case that you use to transport your firearm within your luggage. And, unlike cheap knockoffs, this one will actually protect your firearm.

Froglube Gun Cleaner

One thing that often gets overlooked in nice gear lists like these is the fact that we should also take care of the gear that we already have. To that end, we’re finishing out the list with a cleaning kit. Especially now, with a lot of new gun owners new to the community, it’s a good time to get back to basics.  This kit has everything you need to start cleaning on a pistol. In one complete package, you’ll find solvent, lube, a bore swab and a pull-through. It might not be as cool as a new holster or some optics, but having a clean firearm is what will make the Ruger SR9 work when you need it to. This small kit is the kind of thing that you could, and should, easily toss into a range bag.

Parting Shots…

In going through this list, we hope you’ll find a lot of things useful. We think that Ruger really made a winner in the SR9c. It’s a comfortable to shoot, well balanced 9mm handgun that is meant for, and built to serve, effective concealed carry needs. With that said, a few accessories go a really long way here. Instead of messing with the internals too much , a great place to start is with a good holster, a cleaning kit, some magazines and perhaps a light. If you want to get a little more advanced, think about tinkering with the sights and getting something like the option we recommend from Trijicon. Then, if you want to, you can tune the trigger. No matter what option you take, there’s something for you here to help make the Ruger SR9 a great 9mm pistol option.



Levi Frenchak has years of firearms experience between sporting and responsible concealed carry applications. Levi is a member of multiple pro-second amendment organizations including USCCA, NRA, and just as importantly, his local range. Levi is continuing a legacy of support for our rights by working with his family to increase firearms education and awareness as the lead editor of GunBacker.

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