Walther P99 Accessories To Improve Shooter Experience

Walther P99 Accessories 

Walther might be one of the best-known pistol designers on the planet. Of course, their old designs, known for their elegance and excellent builds, are legendary. The PPK was a favorite of James Bond, as well as some of our writers here. But you’d be mistaken to think that Walther is stuck in the past. Walther has been busy over the last few decades making sure that their pistols are world class firearms that are more than capable of keeping up with the needs of concealed carry with the Walther P99.

With the Walther P99, Walther has stepped into the 21st century in a big way. This is a polymer-framed, striker fired pistol that is perfect for concealed carry, which is what we’ll be focusing on today. Importantly, they managed to build a striker fired gun that has a single and a double action trigger, meaning that the first trigger pull is a little longer and heavier for safety, with lighter and shorter resets for easy and fast follow up shots. That makes the P99 a seriously interesting pistol.

We recently covered it and 9 other well-built 9mm handguns in an article. Now, we’d like you to consider actually carrying the P99. Here are ten accessories we think you’d find useful if you do decide to carry the Walther P99 in 9mm parabellum.  Basically, we do not alter the base gun in any major way with this list. Once you start messing with the mechanics of a firearm ,you might affect reliable performance. That is fine for a project gun or a competition pistol, but our focus here is concealed carry. So, what we’re going to do here is focus on adding accessories to your kit that will make you better able to run the gun effectively. With a few mew magazines, some cleaning supplies, good ammo and new sights, the Walther P99 is a more than capable platform for concealed carry. A holster is a must, and some magazines will go a long way to making is one of the best 9mm platforms on the market today.

Trijicon Night Sight

One of the most important things about a concealed carry setup are the sights on the pistol. They need to be rugged, so they can take being holstered, drawn, and potentially knocked around without losing zero. Second, they need to be easy to see in a variety of light conditions, so that you actually know where your rounds are going to go. Third, they need to be simple and quick: this isn’t 1000-yard target shooting and if worse comes to worse, you need rounds on target, right now.

We think that these Trijicon Bright and Tough Night Sights do all three of those things really well. Trijicon has been in the optics game for nearly three decades, so at this point we trust them to make a rugged set of pistol sights. In terms of ease of use, it doesn’t get much easier, these are three-dot tritium sights. That is to say, they glow in the dark, and are a nice bright white during the day. In terms of speed, all you need to do is follow the front green dot and press the trigger when the three dots all line up. These are excellent sights, and we’d put them on a P99 straight away to make it an excellent pistol setup.

Walther P99 15 Round Magazine

Now that you have those slick sights on your Walther P99, it’ll be pretty quick to expend all 15 rounds that come in your standard magazine. You’re having a great time drilling out the center of a target, then you get a click. What now? Well, you’re going to need another mag, and we’ve got one that will do the trick just fine.

When it comes to fine European engineering, in certain cases nothing will do quite so well as OEM parts. At least, that’s what my Volkswagen mechanic keeps telling me as I need to sit down to breathe when he hands me the bill. In this case, the price isn’t so breathtaking on these Walther P99 magazines. They’re the magazine meant for the gun. Coming in an attractive blued steel, these 15 round, double stacked 9mm magazines run like the a Walther should: smooth and reliable. You’ll be neither shaken nor stirred by their performance.

Galco IWB Holster

With that said, in some cases you may find yourself in need of a spare magazine. If that’s the case, fumbling around in a bag or something while you need to defend yourself is, to say the least, suboptimal in terms of your survival chances. If you want to keep another mag on your person, we recommend this Galco mag holster. It’s a pretty simple design: pop the loop over your belt, fashion the snap shut, and slide a mag in. Something we find interesting about this is that it’s an inside the waistband design, where a lot of similar designs are outside the waistband. This makes the whole CCW package a lot more concealable, which we know will appeal to lots of folks who carry the Walther P99. On a similar note, these are made of leather, so that you shouldn’t have an issue wearing them all day as part of a concealed carry setup.

Walther P99 20 Round Magazine

Now, back to the P99 itself, the real deal slinging 9mm parabellum rounds. The firearm comes with standard 15 round, double stack magazines that fit very well into the overall midsized frame of the gun. With that said, we get that ammo capacity is a major deal and in some cases, 15 rounds may just not do the job.

If you find yourself in a bad situation, you might want 5 more rounds on tap. For those situations, consider this Walther 20 rounder. It’s basically just a longer version of the OEM 15 rounder. This would be a great secondary magazine to have in a bag that you carry when you’re carrying the Walther in a holster. That way you both maintain concealment and have potentially more firepower at hand if need be.

Versacarry IWB Holster

Speaking of holsters, we think it’s really important to have on that is comfortable for you to carry so that you do, in fact, carry as much of the time as possible. After all, your P99 will do you no good whatsoever if it’s in the safe at home when you need it. This one is just such a holster. The Versacarry is a really well made inside the waistband holster that has two secure belt clips: the shell is leather and can be adjusted for tension with screws. A thing that makes this really comfortable is that the backing is a foam padded neoprene material. This would be a great holster for folks in warmer climates or who intend to do a lot of carrying. Safety wise, it’s more than adequate as it totally covers the whole trigger guard and trigger, reducing the chances for a negligent discharge. This holster would be a great addition to the Walther P99.

Galco Leather Shoulder Holster

Remember the whole James Bond thing we were talking about with the PPKs just a minute ago. Well, we’re not quite done with that just yet. We still need a way to get the gun on your person and concealed. If you’re the kind of person who wears a jacket all the time, or simply lives in a cold climate, or you’ve been tasked to infiltrate a European casino to find the leader of a terrorist organization we have an idea for you.

Not much says old school cool quite like a shoulder holster. This one, by Galco, is set up for right-handed use and is pretty simple. There’s a clip on the right side that goes on belt loop, and the thing hags over onto your left side, allowing for a cross body draw. This takes a bit of training to avoid sweeping your left arm with the muzzle, but can be extremely quick. It’s also a very comfortable way to carry.  This one is sized for the Glock 43, but since it’s leather, I have a good feeling you’d be able to get the P99AS in there as well with a bit of effort.

Trijicon RMR Mount

These days, more and more people are attaching red dot sights to their handguns. As it comes stock, there’s no way to do this on the P99. But, with this plate you can do just that. With just a little bit of gunsmithing, which we recommend to make sure that everything ends up straight and true, and this plate well let you attach the popular Trijicon RMR to your P99. We can see people doing this for two main reasons. First, it would make the P99 a more than competent competition firearm. Second, some people really like the red dot sights on their handguns for concealed carry and self-defense.  Installation of this will take some doing, including drilling into the slide, so unless you’re really confident, getting a professional gunsmith to do this one might make some sense.

US Peacekeeper Carry Case

The Walther P99 is a really nice firearm. With that said, when you’re not carrying it we think you should take care of it. This is especially true when going to and from the range, or even in storage such as inside of a safe. In order to be able keep the gun from getting scratched up, a simple case like this one is a great call. It’s cheap and no nonsense: it’s a padded case that will fit a single pistol and it zips shut. These are the kind of case hat every handgun owner should have so that you can toss your pistol into it and then into a range bag so that you can be on your way with minimal fuss and no scratches on this excellent firearm.

Butler Creek Magazine Loader

While you’re at the range, you’re going to need to do some loading of magazines. We think this can get very tedious, very quickly. Also, it saps your hand strength, where you should be spending it on the actual practice of shooting drills and such. So ,we recommend one of these magazine loaders. All you do is pop it on the top of the magazine and following the simple instructions, you can load mags super quickly. These are a lifesaver, and we try to keep one in every bag we might take a handgun to the range with. Once you use these, you’ll be mad at yourself every time you forget it at home.

Real Avid Gun Boss Cleaning Kit

When you get home from the range, you’re going to need to clean up. To do so, we recommend this at the range to make things a little easier. This small kit, mean to pop into a range bag, has a few brushes, a patch puller, and a handle. Add a cloth and your favorite solvents, and you’re a long way towards getting off the first layer of carbon fouling and other gunk before you get home for a deep cleaning. A small kit like this one is a great tool to have in your range bag, and we highly recommend it as a general practice of keeping your firearm clean and in good working order.

In this list, we make recommendations to help you make the Walther P99 your concealed carry pistol of choice. We think Walther made a great 9mm handgun in this case, one that can take full advantage of contemporary technologies in both firearms and ammunition design to put up some stiff competition to Glock and others. With good magazines, some new sights, and some maintenance, the Walther P99 will likely be a favorite of yours, just like it is one of ours.  In terms of easy modifications, adding some magazines or a new case is a great place to start. With a little more work, you can do things like add some sights.

Finally, if you’re willing to talk to a gunsmith, or happen to be handy yourself, you can add the plate you need to put a red dot sight onto this wonderful carry gun that even a certain 007 agent would be happy to carry. Finally, if you’re willing to talk to a gunsmith, or happen to be handy yourself, you can add the plate you need to put a red dot sight onto this wonderful carry gun that even a certain 007 agent would be happy to carry.  Walther has been making some of the best semi-automatic handguns for over a century now.

Parting Shots…

Taking a look at the Walther P99, that heritage is clear in the design. It runs well, reliably, and shoots wonderfully. That’s why, on this list, we keep things relatively simple and don’t mess with the internals too much. Basically, the gun itself is more than capable and sound, we just want to make living with carrying a full size 9mm fairly doable, especially in the modern environment when the subcompacts seem to reign supreme. With a good holster and some accessories, the full size 9mm is a great carry option.



Levi Frenchak has years of firearms experience between sporting and responsible concealed carry applications. Levi is a member of multiple pro-second amendment organizations including USCCA, NRA, and just as importantly, his local range. Levi is continuing a legacy of support for our rights by working with his family to increase firearms education and awareness as the lead editor of GunBacker.

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