Top Beretta 92FS Accessories That Will Enhance Your Handgun

The Best Beretta 92FS Accessories

Recently, we did an article on the best semi-automatic 9mm handguns. Of course, such a list would be incomplete without the Beretta 92FS. From 1985 until quite recently, it was the service pistol of American armed forces and we can make it even better with these Beretta 92FS. Additionaly, many other militaries and police forces all over the globe have, and still do, placed their trust in these handguns.

Thanks to its all metal frame, it has low recoil. It’s been around for decades, so the aftermarket is good. Also, the ergonomics are super comfortable. In addition to all of that practical stuff, it was featured in the greatest Christmas movie of all time, Die Hard. All jokes aside, it’s a really capable platform and you can find examples that are several decades old that are still more than ready to serve you well, with a few minor upgrades.

We think that the Beretta 92FS is a more than capable option for carrying a 9mm handgun, especially with these Beretta 92FS. Here are ten things we think you’ll find useful; if the Beretta is your choice for a daily use, carry gun. In general, we don’t mess to much with the gun itself: it doesn’t seem to be broken, so no fixing is required. Instead, we’re looking for ways to keep the gun in good working condition for many years to come. To that end, some new magazines, perhaps a grip, and some upgrades on the internals will go a long way to ensuring the continued use and success of this fantastic pistol for a long, long time.

30 Round Steel Magazine

The Beretta 92FS comes standard with 15-17 round magazines, which make them easy to carry, even concealed. With that said, sometimes you need more than 17 rounds to get the job done. While you’ll probably stick to the standard magazines for your first one, you might find yourself wanting more. That’s where a 30 round magazine comes into play.

If you feel the need to put 30 rounds of 9mm towards something or someone in order to make them cease their nonsense, the 30 round magazine is an excellent choice. The game of the gun is weighty enough that the balance is not terribly ill affected by the additional rounds, and it gives you a lot of additional firepower. Also, if you happen to have the 92’s cooler cousin, the 93R, which is a machine pistol, the 30 round magazine would be the only option: accept no substitutes.

Sand Resistant Magazine

It is really, really hard to beat a 30 round magazine for sheer giggle factor at the range with your Beretta 92FS. That said, it does stick out a fair bit from the bottom of the grip and would probably print pretty badly in a concealed carry environment. So, you’ll probably want something a little more subtle for most situations.

Beretta has been making the M9 series for a long time, and if you happen to pick up an older one from a gun store, you might find the magazine a little worn out. Thus, it makes sense to replace it with some new ones if you want a reliable carry gun. This model has a capacity of 17 rounds and comes in a durable finish. These mags are popular amongst people who carry the 92 on a daily basis, and we recommend them strongly. Pick up a few, and you’ll be well set for magazines.

Safariland Tactical Holster

The 92 is certainly a capable and well put together handgun. What it is not, on the other hand is light. These usually come with an all metal frame and slide, which makes it a superb duty gun that can handle the sometimes-snappy recoil of 9mm. But, as a duty gun that weight has to be a consideration in the way that you carry he firearm.
If you’re looking for a good holster, consider this one by Safariland. It’s a drop leg holster, so it hooks up on both your belt as well as strapping around your thigh in two locations. Safariland makes some of the best holsters on the market in terms of safety, and this one is no different: there’s a retention strap around the back of the hammer. This holster can also be adjusted to fit a wide variety of users, so it’s well worth your time and money to check one out if you plan to carry your 92 for much time at all.

Guide Rod Laser Sight

The Beretta 92FS has, as we mentioned, been produced for a long time. Some of the models don’t have some of the really modern conveniences, such as a rail on which we can mount a laser sight or a light. There has been a really clever workaround to that problem that doesn’t involved making a mess of the gun itself.

If you want a laser that doesn’t add bulk, think about this laser guide rod. All you have to do is install it, and you’ll have a laser sight that’s just below the bore, an optimal spot. The manufacturer states that you’ll get at least a year of battery life out of this, and it’s a really interesting option if you want to modernize a little older model of the Beretta 92FS.

300 Lumen Weapon Light

If you do have a 92 with a little bit of rail space, one thing that would go a long way to making it a really good home defense, carry, or duty gun is the addition of a light. Afterall, it’s generally considered a good idea to be able to see what you’re shooting, and we think that good lights are a necessary part of home or self defense kit.

This light has a lot of value for a single package. First, it fits such that you trigger it with your trigger finger, no need to have to fumble for a switch somewhere inconvenient. Also, it has a 300 lumen light. We think this is a sweet spot in lighting: bring enough to be able to see at close to medium ranges, but not so bright that you’ll end up blinding yourself. Finally, there’s also a red laser in this small package, making it a convenient sighting solution for a very capable firearm.

Rapid Deployment Sling Pack

For a lot of people, a Beretta 92 is not an ideal carry gun in some environments. Bigger dudes may not mind carrying a full-size duty gun on their waist, but smaller framed folks or people who like to wear tighter shirts might have a tough time concealing such a large handgun. If you do want to carry your 92, and the rest of your day’s essentials, consider a sling like this one by 3V Gear.

The design here is pretty clever. There’s a dedicated pocket in the bag in which you keep you handgun for easy draw. There are a few other pockets for small odds and ends like keys, a phone, or perhaps some of those spare mags that we recommend. Additionally, it can be carried in three ways. First, you can rock it as a sling around your shoulder. Second, you can use it as a waist bag. Finally, there’s a handle to simply carry the thing in your hands. A bag for carry is not always ideal, either, as you can become separated from your firearm, but this is certainly a reasonable way to ensure that you can carry a larger handgun.

SilencerCo Threaded Barrel

If you’ve been in the pistol game for a while, you might well have picked up a suppressor. The 9mm parabellum, especially when loaded to be subsonic, is a fantastic round to suppress in terms of low noise at muzzle while still retaining some solid kinetic energy.

Suppressing the 92FS is a relatively simple affair. All you have to do is take the gun apart and drop in a threaded barrel. In this case, we strongly recommend this one by Silencerco, one of the best manufacturers of suppressors on the planet. This one is in 1/2×28 thread, so should accept a wide range of 9mm cans to make your Beretta 92FS fairly quiet, which some folks like for either fun, or self defense. Ever fired a handgun in the dark without ears on? If you have, you will likely wish you had not. Stick a can on it, and suddenly you have a home defense option that will not leave you nearly as disoriented. This barrel also comes with a thread protector, which we really like.

Magazine Pouch

We recommended that you buy a few spare magazines for your 92FS. One thing that is a consistent puzzle for people looking to carry a firearm is how to keep those spare magazines handy. Some people simply toss them in a bag or a jacket pocket. This is, to say the least, a little bit sub optimal. Imagine, in a self defense situation, having to rummage around in your backpack for a magazine. Not a good plan.

Instead, think about a mag pouch like this one. These each hold a single magazine, and clip to your belt. While these are both bulky and outside the waistband, a magazine pouch can be an excellent option for someone who wears their gun openly on a duty belt, or someone in competition. These allow for a quick and consistent reload that is pretty hard to beat in terms of performance.

Night Sights

To be perfectly fair, the sights on the 92FS could do with a little bit of upgrading. This is especially true in the kind of application that we have in mind here, namely concealed carry. You could always try to get some kind of red dot mounted on it, but that involves a lot of gunsmithing. Instead, we have little different idea in mind.

Trijicon makes this excellent set of sights for the Beretta 92FS series of pistols. The main benefits to these are twofold. First, there is a nice, bright front post tat’s very easy to find. This is especially important in self defense shooting, but will also speed up competition time with a little bit of practice. Secondly, the sights are infused with tritium, so they’ll glow in the dark for years to come. That makes them perfect for making your 92FS into a totally capable night fighting sidearm. Installation might be a bit of a challenge, so this is one you may want to ask a handy friend or a gunsmith for help on.

Hogue Pistol Grips

One of the things that can wear out on an older handgun is the grips. This is especially true of the Beretta for two reasons. First, the original grips were made out of plastic. Over time, this can degrade and eventually crack. Second, many 92s come into our hands though law enforcement trade ins. This means that those pistols have spent many years riding in holsters which can further wear on a set of grips.

To refresh the Beretta 92, think about these excellent grips from Hogue. These over molded grips can replace the stock ones with something that is both new, so better looking than old plastic, and are really nice to use. There are convenient finger grooves and stippling in order to help you lock into the pistol and make a most consistent draw. Installation on these is pretty easy and can be done with just a few screws. A new set of grips is a worthwhile investment to modernize the 92FS.

The Beretta 92FS is, by itself, an excellent service pistol that served military and police forces well for years. Thus, its reputation among us civilian shooters is cemented, probably for many more years to come. With that said ,a few simple modifications and some good kit can really turn the 92FS is a superb carry option in 9mm.

Parting Shots…

Here, we recommend swapping out the grips with either a new set, or perhaps one with a laser in order to get things started off somewhat refreshed. Similarly, upgrading the internals a little bit can make a big difference in the overall feel of the gun. To really step things up, consider a training aid or a new barrel. And, of course, don’t forget a decent bag in which to store all of your kit.



Levi Frenchak has years of firearms experience between sporting and responsible concealed carry applications. Levi is a member of multiple pro-second amendment organizations including USCCA, NRA, and just as importantly, his local range. Levi is continuing a legacy of support for our rights by working with his family to increase firearms education and awareness as the lead editor of GunBacker.

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